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Energetic Boundaries & The Holiday Season


Does being around certain people cause you to feel drained, agitated or confused?

Even before the pandemic, the holidays have always been overwhelming. Today, even though “nearly 60% of the country is fully vaccinated and restrictions loosened, all the things we took a pass on last year seem to be roaring back – and many are feeling uncomfortable and out of practice when it comes to social situations.”* 

Dealing with a pandemic during the holiday season makes time with family even more stressful.

Then again, the pandemic, which we like to think of as the source of all our stress, has also been our beloved excuse / “energetic boundary” allowing us to isolate and limit time spent with other people.

We’re a bit socially out of practice, aren’t we? 🤣

If time with others makes you feel resentful and frustrated, it’s possible you’ve compromised your “energetic boundaries.” 

Invisible, but profoundly felt.
Lost when you merge your feelings with the feelings of others.
Protects your sense of self.
Helps you stay clear and committed to your own thoughts, feelings, and desires – independent of what others want for you.

According to principles derived from energetic anatomy (also called subtle anatomy), there’s a field of energy that surrounds all matter; living and nonliving. Briefly stated, the energy surrounding the human body is often referred to as the “human energy field.”

In this worldview, there are layers of energy surrounding our bodies, with the outermost layer being less permeable than the other layers. This gives the energy field its structure and boundaries, resembling that of an eggshell. 

Therefore, when we speak about strengthening our energetic boundaries, we’re referring to our own energy field remaining free from “picking up” or “absorbing” the energy (good or bad) of other people around us.

There are several books available that go more in depth describing the human energy field, my favorite being the classic book, Hands of Light by Barbara Brennan.

Read more about energetic boundaries in Energetic Boundaries 101: How to Set + Restore Them.

*Dunn, J. (2021, November 24). It’s beginning to look a lot like holiday social anxiety. The New York Times.

Post Author: Julie Schmit