Wild Woman Wisdom Intuitive Development Workshop Series

Semi-Private & Limited to 4 Spots Only

Introducing NEW and FRESH content based on your requests (and my professional work as a therapist, healer and coach during the pandemic years). 

Are you a self-described “sensitive” or “empathic” person and want to learn enlivening and productive ways to run your energy?

This class series is a place of thoughtfulness, truth and transformation that teaches practical skills to help you use your sensitivity to electrify your life in constructive ways.

Using principles of subtle energy anatomy, combined with the Wild Woman Archetype, you will learn to recognize and gain insight into your energy patterns and ways to work with them. This unique combination of the intuitive, esoteric realms with the instinctive nature found in wildlife biology, provides a complete bodily experience and energetic transformation.

Classes will be peppered with creative visualizations, meditations and of course laughter!

Past attendees have included women who work as:

  • massage therapists
  • corporate executives
  • artists
  • mothers
  • psychotherapists
  • energy healers
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Topics covered will include:

The Human Energy Field

how this manifestation is intimately involved in a person’s life

Grounding the Body

learn ways to stay in present time and feel the support of the earth

Clearing and Creating Sacred Space

Using inner wisdom, creativity and visualization to create sacred space wherever you are, to feel connected to yourself and your innate wisdom

Developing High Sense Perception

learn to “read” energy based on your dominant sense of perceiving the world

The series begins on Tuesday, October 4 at 7pm and runs until 9pm, for 6 consecutive Tuesdays. 

If you need to miss a class, then you can either join us by Zoom or an audio recording will be sent to you.

Investment: $450

20% off is available for women who have purchased energy healing programs from me in 2021-2022.

A free 30-minute free consult will be provided here, to ensure the class is for you AND for you to make requests about additional:

  • topics you want to covered,
  • problems you want solved, and
  • desires you want to fulfill.

Your Facilitator

Bold and Sacred Square

Julie Schmit

Intimacy Coach & Energy Healer