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5 Strategies for Pandemic Comfort & Relief

I’ve been prescribing the following strategies to my clients since the beginning of the pandemic to help them find comfort, support and relief. These tools contain practical advice and an explanation of why each tactic is important from an energetic viewpoint.

Reconnect with friends

It’s a healing experience to have a healthy exchange of energy between friends. When you’re around people you like, it actually charges your aura and produces a synergistic effect of increased vitality.

Keep looking for signs of hope

Notice when you hit the vacuum of “helpless and hopeless.” You might feel your chest constricting and your lifeforce draining out of your body. This is a sign to switch gears and focus on building faith in your community, humanity, and the planet.

Practice gratitude

Giving thanks and appreciating one another not only opens and massages the heart chakra, but neuroscience has recently discovered gratitude has beneficial effects on the brain. Researchers conclude that being thankful both decreases stress hormones and restores balance to the part of the brain responsible for managing negative emotions.

Spend time in nature

The energies of nature charge and balance your energy field as it attunes to its surroundings.

Take media breaks

Give your body, mind, and spirit the vacation it deserves! There’s a distinction between being an informed citizen and enduring the harmful effects of the 24/7 news cycle. The constant barrage of terrifying soundbites and troubling images depletes your energy field and can constrict your solar plexus, heart, and third eye chakras.

Post Author: Julie Schmit