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5 Ways to Deepen Your Connection to Your Partner

Here are five strategies that incorporate knowledge of the human energy field with things you can say and do with your partner to help you two grow closer during tough times. Consider these your “coping intimacy energy primer.”

Mutual Appreciation

When we genuinely tell our loved ones how much we appreciate them being there for us during difficult times, the heart chakra opens and the third eye relaxes. We drop our defenses.  That allows our partner’s energy to flow into us in a way where it can act as a balm for our fears and pain.  Note how one person’s vulnerability opens both hearts to a wholesome exchange. 

Sometimes, saying you appreciate someone in an open-hearted way is not easy! If that’s the case for you, try writing your partner a love letter, or write your thoughts in a card.  Tell them how they’ve helped you and how much you appreciate them for the things they do that makes your life better. Include specific examples to crystallize the appreciation between the two of you. Then, get on the couch or climb in bed and read your letters to each other. 

Adjusting to Circumstances

We show our dedication and commitment to our loved ones by being flexible and adjusting our lives to new stresses and challenges. For many, that has involved reorganizing the household and creating schedules to adjust to new work-at-home and study-at-home demands. These changes can be unsettling, or they can be absorbed as opportunities to integrate our lives in new ways and reconfigure the energy in our body’s, our mind’s and in our home. How much space, time, or resources couples have to deal with these challenges varies, sadly, due to the injustices of inequality. But couples with good coping intimacy, figure out how to best use the resources available to them.

Sense of Humor & Irony

Nothing like laughter to soften life’s blows!  Humor and the effects of a chuckle or good belly laugh releases stress, elevates mood and helps us cope.  Laughter also cleanses your energy field, connects you to the heart chakra and provides an infectious energy charge.

Lifting each other up

You’re provided with the opportunity to “tag-team” when your partner needs a lift or help sharing the workload and vice-versa. This in turn, creates long-lasting, positive effects in the energy field of the two of you; it’s a bonding tool.

Endurance and resilience

A crucial stage in the development of an enduring intimate relationship is negotiating the change from the thrill and butterflies of early love, to the deeper soul connections of lasting love. These “evolutionary” connections appear as an interlacing of the couple’s energy field, that can be felt even when you’re physically apart. It’s a sure sign you’re on the right track!

Post Author: Julie Schmit